From Chief Beckham regarding alleged kidnapping in Italy

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On 10/18/16 around 730am, a 911 call was made from a store clerk in reference to a possible aggravated kid-napping. The Exxon store clerk had told dispatchers that a female had made an outcry indicating that there was a man holding her a gunpoint against her will. Dispatchers then put out a vehicle description of a Chevrolet Equinox with dark tinted windows leaving the location and heading southbound on I-35E from the 386 mile marker. Italy PD Sgt Jason Cherry and Chief of Police Carlos Phoenix of Milford PD located the vehicle traveling southbound I-35E near the 382/381 mile markers. Both agencies attempted to stop the vehicle, and a pursuit was then initiated traveling across two counties along I-35E Southbound. The vehicle then wrecked out near the City of Bellmead. One subject was taken into custody, which was a female. There were no other subjects located in the vehicle, and any other information obtained will be forwarded at a later time. Agencies involved in the pursuit were Italy PD, Milford PD, Hill County SO, McClennan County SO, DPS Troopers.

Additional information in reference to Press Release

Spikes were deployed by DPS Troopers.

The vehicle subsequently wrecked out in the City of Lacy-Lakeview, at the intersection of I-35E Frontage Rd at Crest Drive and not within the City of Bellmead.

After further investigation of this incident, it was determined by the law enforcement agencies on scene, that the female identified was Yolanda Harris (a black female; dob: 09/25/1973), who was reported missing and endangered by Mesquite Police at around 730 am. There were no other suspects in the vehicle whenever, officers took Ms. Harris into custody. A perimeter search was conducted by all agencies on scene to attempt to locate any other subjects that might have been inside the vehicle at the time of the incident. No other subjects were located at that time.

Chief Beckham (Italy PD) reviewed statements from the Exxon Store Clerk, which stated that there was only a female who had come into the store who paid for gas, and provided a phone number to her father. No video was observed to indicate that there was a lady in distress or any other subjects that were located inside of the vehicle at the time of the outcry.

Also after further investigation, Sgt. Cherry (Italy PD), based off of his professional experience and training, felt that Ms. Harris was indeed a patient in crisis. At which point and time, Sgt. Cherry (Italy PD) transported her to the Hickory Trail Hospital / DeSoto for medical / psychological evaluation. Ms. Harris could possibly face charges of Filing a False Report to a Peace Officer and Evading Arrest/Detention with a Motor Vehicle.

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