Italy Superintendent Update: December 19, 2016



It’s a great day to be a Gladiator!

The Italy ISD School Board approved the design and construction of the concession stand that will be a part of the track & football field at the most recent board meeting. We are excited to have this phase started. There is a good chance that our stadium will be ready by the end of the school year. We may be able to have graduation at the new stadium.

The Italy ISD School Board also approved a resolution outlining their top legislative priorities entering the 2017 Texas Legislative Session. The passing of this measure is the latest in a collective effort by the superintendents and school boards of Region 10 to communicate the top areas of interest that stand to impact the students they collectively serve.

The priorities include a call to repeal any A-F campus and district grading system, opposition to vouchers or Education Savings Grants and an increase of funding for Texas’ public schools. I have mailed the approved resolution to the Texas Governor’s Office and local senators and representatives. I have also included a copy of the resolution and an overview of the priorities as part of this community update.

Recently I met with Representative John Wray. We discussed the attached priorities. He told me that he wants to hear from his constituents. He demonstrated that he understands the needs of community school districts but hearing from the voters helps him develop strategies to gain support from other lawmakers. I hope that every member of the Italy community will review the overview and contact our representatives.

John Wray’s Office

Thank you.