Stafford Elementary’s Library Gets New Art

Image: Canvas painted by Sophia Creighton

Canvas painted by Sophia Creighton

A new and very large canvas was delivered to Stafford Elementary’s library Monday. Mrs. Hampton, who staffs the library there, has made a temporary building a very inviting and warm space. When transitioning into the space, she decided to incorporate the Dr. Seuss theme there. Through much work, she has done a phenomenal job in decorating a temporary space so students can enjoy their time in the library.

While decorating, Mrs. Hampton was glad that an elementary parent and community member, Sophia Creighton, agreed to paint a Dr. Seuss themed canvas for the room. She also painted, framed, and gave some other smaller Dr. Seuss pieces to the library to use in the decor. The Stafford patrons agree that the pieces are fantastic; they make the library a fun place to visit, read, and check out books.

We know that reading is the building block for all subjects, so we appreciate all the work and thought that goes into making the elementary library a space that welcomes all.