IHS Art student experiences The Warehouse Dallas


Claudia Abundiz Jimenez, a sophomore at Italy High School, spent much of her time over spring break at The Warehouse Dallas. The Warehouse houses a contemporary art collection spanning from post World War II to present day and hosts student workshops for those students interested in pursuing some type of career in art.

The 18,000 square foot facility contains an extensive art library, art storage, and a large exhibition space. Pieces from the Rachofsky and Faulconer collections are always on display; other works on loan rotate through from the Dallas Museum of Art and other museums as well as private collections. The Warehouse does host public days for those interested in experiencing the facility.

Jeremiah Glover, IHS’s art teacher, nominated Claudia to participate in this year’s program. Normally offered in the summer, the program ran early this year to accommodate preparations for a new exhibit. Claudia was one of 17 art students who devoted her time to the program. She worked with students, guest artists, and museum educators from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday learning and experiencing many new realms of art.

When asked about her experience, Claudia stated that initially she felt somewhat reserved around the other students. Once she began to interact with them, she became more comfortable sharing her ideas and opinions. She discovered new art, new food and new friends and looks forward to going back in the future to experience more learning in the field she loves. The atmosphere at The Warehouse Dallas afforded Claudia the opportunity to develop new skills—she said it was definitely more than just an art show. Claudia also mentioned she was able to practice English. As an ESL student at Italy, she has worked hard to learn English.

“Claudia’s enthusiasm about art and new ideas grew each day I took her to the museum,” said Jeremiah Glover. "She was able to work with guest artists and experience new techniques and ideas that we have not explored in the classroom.”

“I cannot say enough about how important this was for her growth as a person and an artist; all the new experiences she had while visiting the warehouse will be memorable throughout her life .” Claudia’s individual art works are featured in the photographs along with the project descriptions.

You can visit the Warehouse website and all the works Claudia got to experience in the link below: