Italy Junior High/High School Bullying Prevention Program Empowers Students

Parent Program Student Program
Date: 10/2/2017 Time: 6:30 pm Date: 10/2/2017 Time: 9:00 a.m.
Place: Cafeteria Grade levels: 7-12

Aim for Success, Inc., will present their nationally-acclaimed program to the students and parents of Italy High School. The Aim for Success motivational programs have educated over 2.5 million teens, parents, and educators across America since 1993 on topics such as bullying, drugs & alcohol, and sexuality/abstinence.

The Empowered to Defend live presentation informs students how they can overcome hurtful words and actions by teaching the one proven way to stop bullying. The program will illustrate through riveting, true stories the impact bullying has and will empower students to defend those being bullied. Whether it’s cyber-bullying or a face-to-face confrontation, students will learn how they can disarm the situation and turn it into good.

The Parent Program is a preview of the student presentation where parents will learn creative ways to talk to their child about bullying, encourage their child when being bullied and learn how to work with school leaders to prevent bullying.

Community guests are welcomed to attend.

Quotes from previous programs:

I liked how you told us all the stories about people who were bullied and then at the end we found out lots were actually stories of famous people we all know. – 16-yr-old guy

I like what you said about finding ways to be kind to those who are bullied. – 12-yr-old guy

This program taught me how to deal with bullies – beyond fighting. – 17-year-old guy

The suicide pictures were painful, but powerful. They look like kids just like us. This gives a whole new perspective to bullying. – 15-year-old girl

Don’t change anything. I loved the program. – 13-yr-old girl