A Special Birthday Wish to Help Others

Image: Annabelle Glover with Pantry Director, Susan Wooten

Annabelle Glover with Pantry Director, Susan Wooten (Karen Mathiowetz)

The Italy Food Pantry received a very special donation on Monday of this week. Annabelle Glover and her family delivered a table full of groceries to the local food pantry. Annabelle celebrated her 8th birthday with a party at the Lancaster Rec Center last weekend. Instead of birthday presents, she asked her friends that attended to bring canned goods for the pantry. None of the children came in empty handed.

“A few months ago, Annabelle told me that she did not need or want presents from her friends at her party,” said proud dad, Jeremiah Glover. “I told her okay and asked her what she wanted instead. I gave her several options and she decided she wanted to help the Italy Food Pantry.”

“As parents, we are trying to teach our children to give back,” Glover added. “We want them to realize that helping others is important.”

The local food pantry feeds 100 area families every month. Without the help of the pantry, many local residents including children would not have enough food to eat each month.

Annabelle is a 2nd grader at Stafford Elementary in Italy. She loves to practice making u-tube videos. building things with her legos and playing softball. She is an 8 year old with a big heart and big dreams. Her biggest dream is to play softball for Texas A & M University.

“We appreciate Annabelle’s donation so much,” said Italy Food Pantry Director, Susan Wooten. “The need for donations is great, especially this time of year. We plan for 100 families each month, but last month we helped 123 families.”

“It is so heartwarming and special that Annabelle thought of others instead of herself for her birthday,” Wooten said. “I hope she realizes just how important her donation is and how much we appreciate it.”