Gladiator Special Olympics Basketball


Thursday, March 1st was a fun day for some of our local basketball players. Our school’s Special Olympics team represented Italy well at Cedar Hill High School. Players receiving accolades include:

Jesse Hefner – gold
Frankie South – silver
Natalie Garcia – silver
Warren Creighton- bronze

Wyatt Ballard – gold
Kade Lewis – gold
Mikey South – silver
Tommy Irvin – bronze
Xander Johnston- bronze
Dillion Hawkins – bronze

These students always work hard and have fun. They would also like to recognize their ‘Circle of Friends’ buddies who cheer them on as they compete. This year’s attending Circle of Friends’ students include Caitlin Oldfield, McKenzie Fultz, Delta Marshall, Kimberly Hooker, Marlen Hernandez, and Annie Perry.