Italy Superintendent Update: March 8, 2018


Parents and Community,

I am writing as a follow-up to my recent letter about an accusation of a threat at school.

I am very proud of the student who went to the principal’s office to report the accusation. This student demonstrated an understanding of the seriousness of the accusation. Although the student did not hear a threat directly, a thoughtful decision was made to make a report to the administrators. I applaud this student for an obvious ability to lead in a positive manner.

Throughout the day, the campus administration has continued to investigate the accusation of a threat. Each person we have spoken with has indicated that another child told them a threat was made. We have spoken to each child who may have said a threat was made. We have not found any person who heard or saw a threat. This is leading us to believe that some of the students involved may be spreading rumors amongst other students.

We are relieved to learn that no threat has been made against the students, staff or school. However, I am concerned that students would spread this type of information amongst themselves without seeking adult guidance. The spreading of rumors has potential to instill unnecessary fear among our students, staff and the community. In addition, it alienates students who may be falsely accused of a crime.

We need your help. I am asking that each of you support our efforts to get students to report information to administration, law enforcement or a responsible adult. We will investigate all reports regardless if the student has all of the facts. We want the students and parents to make reports to the appropriate person who can help.

Italy is a great place to live. Italy ISD is a great place to educate a child. I hope that you will be a part of our progress by teaching your child appropriate methods of communication of information.

We realize the safety of our students is important. Italy ISD currently has safety practices that are in compliance with The Texas School Safety Center. I am currently working with the Board of Trustees to implement additional safety measures. Also, the Board of Trustees passed a school calendar for 2018 – 2019 that includes designated safety training days. This will allow staff to focus a portion of their instructional day on the safety of the students. Italy ISD Staff are currently working with outside organizations to help train parents in the response measures that we use. We expect to start training parents soon.

As a father of Italy ISD students, I empathize with you and understand concerns. I assure you that the Italy ISD staff and I will work to ensure your child is learning in an environment that focuses on safety.

Please contact the administrators should you have information that will help us in an investigation. You may contact me if you have any concerns.

Lee Joffre
Proud Superintendent of a Great School District