Italy ISD’s participation in 2018 ECYExpo a huge success


Italy ISD students have been working countless hours for 6+ months at the Italy ISD Agricultural Science facility for the Ellis County Youth Expo. Last week, Italy FFA had 20+ students participate in the Ellis County Youth Expo.

Not only did we have students participate in the livestock show, but we had students volunteer to be a part of the 3rd annual A Day in the Ring. Italy FFA was well represented by all students. We are super proud of all students accomplishments!


  • Monday (breeding rabbit show)-
    • William Brooks- 1st in class
    • Levi Joffre- 1st in class
  • Tuesday (lamb show)-
    • Tanner Chambers- Reserve Breed Champion & Reserve County Bred Champion- sale qualifying
    • Jillian Varner-11th in class
  • Wednesday (pig show)-
    • Alex Jones- 1st in class & Breed Champion & another 1st in class – Both sale qualifying
    • Reese Janek- 1st in class-Sale qualifying
    • Kade Lewis- 2nd in class- Sale qualifying
    • Jayden Perkins- 3rd in class- Sale qualifying
    • Lana Beets- 3rd in class- Sale qualifying
    • Hannah Estes-4th in class- Sale Qualifying
    • Garrett Janek- 5th in class
    • LaKota Townley- 5th in class
    • Cheyenne Brown- 5th in class
    • Ty Beets- 6th in class
    • Brody Townley- 6th in class
    • Bryce DeBorde-8th in class
    • Colton Allen- 9th & 10th in class
  • Thursday- A Day in the Ring. We had multiple volunteers and participants from Italy High School.
  • Friday (Heifers & steers)-
    • Lana Beets- 1st in class & Santa Gertrudis Grand Champion
    • Hunter Morgan- 2nd in class
    • Gared Wood- 1st in class and Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn & another 1st in class
    • Ella Hudson- 2nd in class
    • Bryce DeBorde- 1st in class-sale qualifying
  • Ag Mechanics:
    All students received a blue ribbon for craftsmanship
    • Ryan Dabney, Hunter Hinz and Jeremy Graves- 1st in class
    • Colton Allen- 2nd in class

Italy FFA had an outstanding year and it could not be possible without Italy ISD administration, parents & community members. A huge THANK YOU to all the sale buyers in Ellis County who came out to support Italy FFA and Ellis County Youth!