George Scott had a dream!


His dream was that any student at Italy High School who worked hard and had a desire to go to college could do so.  He was also a dreamer and a planner and as such, he knew that this would require a lot of money and would need many people involved. This was not to be a one time scholarship, but a perpetual fund where only the interest on the principal was used, so that it would outlive us all.

With a dream this large, he knew he was the logical one to get it started.  So in 1986 he began making contributions into a scholarship fund each time he wanted to remember someone in a special way.  It was done in place of sending flowers for funerals, etc.  He also began encouraging other people to do the same and the dream began to take shape.

This went on for several years.  No scholarships were given at this time, because the fund was not large enough to use only the interest, and this was a necessity in order for it to be perpetual.

When George died in 1991, a former student and supporter of Italy ISD donated $100,000 to the fund and asked that it be named after George Scott.  At this time a board of directors was selected and the money was combined and invested, so that it was now possible to begin offering scholarships.  Criteria was set up for students to know who was eligible to be considered.

Each spring it is determined how many scholarships can be funded that year depending on how much interest was earned.  At this time, there are usually three of four new scholarships funded each year. They are four year scholarships renewable each year providing grades are kept to the standards. 

George Scott’s dream is still in the making, but it’s not there yet.  There are still deserving students who need financial help.  The fund is growing as more people such as ex-students learn about the fund and contribute to it.  

A bar-b-cue dinner fundraiser is held each year during homecoming.  This is to provide an additional opportunity for everyone to remember and support the Italy ISD George E. Scott Memorial Scholarship fund and also to meet and talk to the scholarship recipients.

With much help from many contributors, the fulfillment of George Scott’s dream of every deserving student in Italy High School attending a college or university and receiving a higher education degree will someday be a reality.

The Scholarship Board appreciates your support.

Tax deductible contributions to the fund are received continually in the form of memorials honoring or remembering loved ones. Annual contributions or pledges to the scholarship fund are also accepted.  The list of successful graduates of Italy High School who wish to support the fund is growing each year.

George Scott began his career at Italy Independent School District as high school principal in 1966. He became superintendent of Italy I.S.D. in 1967 and remained in that position until his death in 1991.