A Dream Come True

Image: Jessica in her Studio — Jessica Clark loves what she does – taking pictures.

Jessica Clark received her first camera when she was twelve years old. This sparked a life long dream of being a photographer and owning her own studio. “Being a photographer is all I ever wanted to be.”

Somewhere in Time

Image: Somewhere In Time — Somewhere in Time Victorian Antiques is located downtown Milford.

Carlene Hunt Perryman loves to collect antiques, so much so, that her husband told her if she purchased one more thing for the house she would have to take something out. That sparked the idea of owning her own antique shop.

Abbott Metal Craft

Image: John Abbott — John Abbot is the owner of Abbot Metal Craft, located in Forreston, Texas.

John Abbott is the owner of Abbott Metal Craft located in Forreston, Texas. He began his business in Erie, Michigan in 1978. Abbott’s business consists of making metal products in his welding and machine shop. In 1980 due to the bad economy he closed his business and reopened it in 2006 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In January of 2009 Abbott moved his business to Forreston.

Hobbs Feed & Grain Host Grand Opening

Image: Hobbs Feed & Grain Grand Opening — Many people from our community gathered with the new owners to celebrate their grand opening.

There was a full house on hand at Hobbs Feed & Grain on Saturday due to the grand opening. The newest owners were happy to meet the citizens of Italy during the festivities. Many from the community came to participate in the event. So many, there was hardly any parking available.

A Truffle or a “Cake Bite”?

Image: Stacey Tolliver — Stacey Tolliver showing off her famous “Cake Bites”.

The talent for cooking must run in the Mitchell Family. Doris Mitchell owns Uptown Cafe downtown Italy, her granddaughter Amber Hudson has her own catering business, Lady Ella Catering and now Ricky Whitney’s (Doris’s grandson) sister in law Stacey Tolliver makes her own creation, “Cake Bites.”

Christmas Dinner at the Uptown Cafe

Image: Special Christmas Tree at the Uptown Cafe

Doris Mitchell, owner of the Uptown Cafe in downtown Italy, loves her customers. Visitors that dine at the Uptown can see that the relationship between Mitchell and her customers is special. For that reason, she opened the cafe on Christmas Day to share food and fellowship with anyone that wanted to come.

Mamma’s Place

Image: Juana Martinez — Juana is right at home in front of the cash register at her family owned business, MaMa’s Place.

Who would have ever thought that I would open a restaurant? This was Juana Martinez’s (owner of Mamma’s Place) thoughts when her Pastor suggested she open a Mexican restaurant. “I had never even worked in a restaurant before,” stated Juana.

Lil’ Dab Embroidery

Image: Sandy Dabney — Sandy Dabney, owner of Lil’ Dab Embroidery.

A business of my own, what a scary idea! What if no one would really want to have items embroidered? We have a lot of bills, what if we can’t pay them? Then what?

Mum is the word

Image: Mums to be decorated — These beautiful mums are justing waiting for charms and glitz.

The Italy Gladiator’s Homecoming game is Friday, October 24. We all know what that means — football, queens, kings, a dance, a parade, mums and garters!

Whatever it takes

Image: Josh Trees, JK owner — “Whatever it takes, some days we work twelve hour days, sometimes we work twenty four hour days, we do whatever it takes,” explained Trees.

Josh Trees graduated from Italy High school at 17, went to Hill College and received his associates degree. At the ripe old age of 19 he purchased his grandfather’s business, Best Disposal, when his grandfather decided he did not want it anymore.

Doris Mitchell and her Uptown Cafe

Image: Doris Mitchell — Doris Mitchell and her Uptown Cafe.

Back in the day when Uptown Cafe was open on Friday nights, this was the hot spot for the Italy teenagers to go and “hang out.” If you visit the Uptown, you will see the walls covered with pictures of teenagers in their youth playing football, cheering at the games, kids showing their FFA animals and winning awards. A small town cafe loaded with memories.