Charlotte Morgan Knock Out winner

Image: Charlotte Morgan — Charlotte Morgan, the winner of Knock Out.

When you walked into Stafford Elementary, Thursday, October 30 lots of laughter and cheering was heard through out the gymnasium. Stafford Elementary teachers were playing “Knock Out” (a basketball game) for a prize, as all the students cheered on their teachers.

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Pumpkin contest at Stafford Elementary

Image: First place winner — The “world” pumpkin, won first place.

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins. But these were not just any ordinary pumpkins — oh no! These were pretty pumpkins, scary pumpkins and all kinds of decorated pumpkins. There were spider pumpkins, witches and pirate pumpkins, just to name a few.

Red Ribbon week

Image: Red Ribbon week — There are better things to do than drugs.

Monday morning at 9 a.m. students at Stafford Elementary began Red Ribbon week activities. Accompanied by Mrs. Bedard, school counselor, and Rita Garza, school nurse, children put their hand prints on a huge red banner signifying their desire to live a drug free life.

Box top time again at Stafford

Image: Jennifer Dickerson  — Jennifer Dickerson, Pre-school teacher, said, " We receive 10 cents for each box top. Stafford has collected over $2,200.00 in the past few years with this program."

It is time for box top collecting again! The children at Stafford Elementary are being asked to collect box tops. The box tops will be counted once every six weeks. They will be collected by each grade (Pre-school through 6th grade) and every six weeks the grade that collects the most box tops will win a “Box Top Party” sponsored by one of the local businesses.

Stafford Elementary Awards ceremony

Image: 2nd Grade All B’s

Friday morning in the Stafford Elementary gym, the bleachers were packed with proud parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. And proud they should be! Miss Maevers said there were more awards given out this time then any other time she can remember.

Jungle Safari for books at Stafford Elementary Book Fair

Image: Clifford gives hugs — Gary Clark, Sidney Lowenthal and Clifford the Big Red Dog all having a good time at the book fair.

Every year Stafford Elementary puts on a book fair to encourage students to read. This year’s book fair was a Jungle Book Safari theme. Everywhere you went you could hear wonderful music and everywhere you looked you saw children with their parents picking out lots of books. Not only does this encourage reading but it also provides family time.

Amanda Pustejovsky new Second Grade Teacher for Avalon ISD

Image: Amanda Pustejovsky — “I found my niche in the second grade at Avalon ISD,” Amanda Pustejovsky.

Amanada Pustejovsky originally started out going to college to be an orthodontist. She began substitute teaching during a college break and realized that teaching was for her. “I did some subbing and the kids won my heart.” Pustejovsky continued, “I saw how eager the kids were to learn, they got so excited. Just to see that you are part of what helped to ‘turn the light bulb on’ is amazing and so worth while.”

Bethany Matous Avalon ISD’s new fifth grade teacher

Image: Bethany Matous

This is Bethany Matous’s first year to teach school. She teaches fifth grade for Avalon ISD. Matous graduated from Ennis High School, continued her education at Navarro Jr. College for two years and graduated in 2007 from A&M Commerce at Navarro with her degree in education. She pursued education as her career field because she loves kids, “I just bond with kids and I love them.”

Grandparents Day at Stafford Elementary

Image: Thomas Crowell with grandparents

Monday, August 8, Stafford Elementary celebrated Grandparents Day by inviting grandparents to eat lunch with their grandchildren. It was quite the success. There were many smiling students with their grandparents chatting and enjoying their lunch together.

Stafford Elementary Teacher’s Cookie Sale

Image: Jennifer Dickerson  — Miss Dickerson is in charge of this cookie fundraiser.

This cookie sale is a little different than most. Every time a student sells cookie dough, the profit goes 100% to that student’s teacher for use in their class, it is not shared. For instance, last year the fourth grade made enough money to purchase some recess equipment. The grades that are involved in this sale are Pre-K through the 6th grade.