Stafford Elementary’s Teacher’s Heart Award

Image: Delaine Meeks — Delaine Meeks was awarded the Teachers Heart award.

The purpose of the Teacher’s Heart Award is to recognize teachers who display the qualities of character that define an outstanding teacher. This teacher will have a heart for her or his students and inspires and creates a desire in others to learn. A teacher with heart delivers quality education in a nurturing and caring environment free from hostility and sarcasm. Good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.

Attendance Recognition at Stafford

Image: April Mathers & Tammy Wallis — April appreciates the Attendance Incentive Program, especially the Almond Snickers candy bar she received for winning this week.

Principal Tammy Wallis has started a “teacher incentive” program to promote more consistent attendance. The “teacher incentive” is a weekly drawing for the teachers that have been at work all day and all week. Every week their name will be entered in a drawing and the teacher whose name has been picked out of the “hat” will receive special recognition and a “free” hour coupon to be used as needed.

Stafford Tigers rock with team spirit

Image: It is “Camo” Day — Amy McClesky and Paula Mandrell and one of the cutest students sporting their “Camo”.

All the students at Stafford Elementary, young and old look forward to homecoming week and especially the homecoming football game. Stafford Tigers are especially excited about celebrating homecoming week because they get to dress up during the week in lots of fun clothes.

Stafford Elementary Principal – Tammy Wallis

Image: Tammy Wallis — Stafford Elementary’s new principal.

When I walked into the principal’s office at Stafford Elementary I was coming to interview the new principal. There she sat in her chair, at her desk and was already going to work to be ready for the coming school year. Her name is Tammy Wallis and she comes to us from Red Oak, Texas where she was the assistant principal for the Red Oak Intermediate School for the past two years.

Jonathan McLean on Stafford Elementary’s rooftop again

Image: McLean Forced to the Roof — Jonathan McLean is up on the roof again and Decorea Green (fifth grader) is proud of him for keeping his promise.

Jonathan McLean (fifth grade science teacher) wants his students in his science class to succeed. He tries very hard to help them learn all they can. So, it was his desire to get the best scores out of his class for the TAKS test. To inspire them, he makes a deal that he will go up on the roof top of the school for the day if eighty percent of the class passes the TAKS test. Well, the class did it again and it was back up on the roof for McLean.

Carolyn Maevers retires

Image: Carolyn Maevers — Carolyn Maevers will be missed by everyone.

“Good Morning class we are going to have a great day today” could be heard just about every morning at Stafford Elementary over the loud speaker. And of course I am talking about Carolyn Maevers. She never missed a chance to tell the kids she loved them and they were going to have a great day.

Splash Day

Image: Band of Water Warriors — These little “Water Warriors” were having fun raging war with squirt bottles.

Bright and early Monday morning lots of first grade students at Stafford Elementary were having a blast! Swinging on swings, sliding down slides, football games and lots of water fun was being had by all.

Deep in the Jungle

Image: Circle of Life — These First Graders were singing up a storm.

When I walked into Stafford Elementary’s cafeteria Thursday, I thought I was in the Jungle! There were wild animals everywhere you looked. Kind of scary, until you realize they are the cutest little first graders you ever saw putting on their annual Deep in the Jungle musical.

Stafford students visit the “DQ” for lunch

Image: We’re Here! — Stafford students were ready for lunch at the “DQ”.

Wednesday around 11:00 am the big yellow Italy school bus from Stafford Elementary drove up to the Italy “DQ”. Lots of smiling faces and hungry pre-k and kindergarten students were ready for lunch. They had just spent the morning at the Italy City Park playing hard and having lots of fun.

Stafford Elementary fifth six-weeks honor assembly

Image: Second Graders — These second graders standing up tall kept all their “tiger paws” this past six weeks.

Carolyn Maevers (principal) started the assembly off by asking Stafford students, “Stafford Tigers are what?”, and the students replied, “number one.” Carolyn said, “You are! You are! Now we have started the assembly off right.” As always Ms. Maevers had lots of encouraging words for the Stafford students.

We Love Texas

Image: Welcome to our Show — Let the show begin!

There was quite the ho-down going on at Stafford Elementary Thursday morning around 8:30 am. Some of the cutest little second grade cow pokes you ever saw were ready and willing to sing their hearts out about their love of Texas and boy howdy, did they sing.

Stafford night at the ballpark

Image: I am so happy — You can’t get any better than this, Jacob Coers says.  He received a varsity t-shirt from one of his favorite players.

You are not going to believe what was going on at Davidson Field Friday night. There was face painting, bubbles blowing, t-ball hitting, softball toss, line dancing and cotton candy. There was even a hot dog eating contest at home plate after the second inning. It was none other than Stafford Night at the Ballpark.

Stafford’s Big Top Circus

Image: The Cutest Ringmaster

Thursday night at 7:00 pm the Stafford Elementary’s lunch room was transformed into a live circus scene. Pre-k and kindergarten students were starring in the “Big Top Circus.” Everywhere you looked you saw the cutest little clowns, acrobats, stunt riders, elephants, jugglers, lions, tightrope walkers and we mustn’t forget the ringmaster.

Another great awards assembly at Stafford Elementary

Image: Kindergartner Awards for Homework — This is one of the kindergarten classes that received certificates for completing and handing in all homework.

Friday morning Stafford Elementary was filled with excited proud family members celebrating with the students at their awards assembly. Many proud students were being called to the front to receive their awards for; no “tiger paws” lost, all A’s, all A’s and B’s, all B’s, and all homework completed and handed in.

Stafford Celebrates Read Across America

Image: Cat in the Hat — Stafford aide Ramona Simon is the cutest Cat in the Hat.

On Dr. Seuss’s birthday, March 2nd, everyone at Stafford Elementary took time out to read for thirty minutes. When you entered the school and looked in the classrooms everyone was reading. When I say everyone I mean, everyone in the school. Students, teachers, janitors, cooks everyone just dropped everything they were doing and read for thirty minutes.

Hoops and Jump Rope for heart

Image: Is it going in?

Wednesday the Stafford Elementary students participated in Hoops for Heart and Jump Rope for Heart during their PE classes. Students got donations from family and friends for the American Heart Association and then jumped rope for as long as they could – shot a lot of baskets, all for a good cause.

Balloons headed to the North Pole

Image: Balloons With Christmas Wishes — I see my note!

Last Friday around 11:45 Stafford kindergartners could be seen sending many multi colored balloons up into the sky. But these were not just ordinary balloons, oh no, these balloons had letters to Santa Claus inside. They were headed to the North Pole.

Awards and more awards

Image: Cute Sixth Graders — Amber Hooker, Julissa Hernandez,Cassidy Childers and Ashlyn Jacinto proudly display their honor ribbons.

Friday morning at 9:00 AM the gymnasium at Stafford Elementary was filled with smiling students and lots of friends and family members. They were there to see all the awards being given out for the second six-weeks honors assembly.

Corrections made 11:00am, November 30, 2009.

Goblins, Witches and Monsters – Oh No!

Image: Here Comes the Parade — We have an angel, Santa’s helper and a really cute clown heading the parade.

Lots of smiles and lots of laughter could be seen and heard on Friday in the halls of Stafford Elementary. The reason for this? – It was the Stafford Elementary’s annual parade of costumes. Some of the cutest little monsters, aliens, witches, goblins, ballerinas, and even a little baker man could be seen parading the halls.

Stafford Book Fair a Great Success

Last week’s Scholastic Book Fair was absolutely fantastic! Our total sales were $7,547…breaking all records! Because our sales were over $5,000, we are able to take 60% of sales for profit…plus some additional profit rewards for hosting family night, lunch with someone you love, decorating for the theme, teachers’ classroom wish lists, and One for Books. That means that our Stafford students will enjoy $4,689.48 in more books for the library!

The Scholastic Book Fair at Stafford Elementary

Image: Students and Clifford — These students couldn’t get enough of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Tuesday evening from six o’clock to 7:30 the place to be was Stafford Elementary in the library. There were books, books and more books. Along with all the books were students with their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, all trying to decide which books they were going to purchase.

Whirled Peace!

Image: Many, Many Pinwheels — Stafford students display their pinwheels with pride.

At ten o’clock Monday morning at Stafford Elementary the front yard of the school was covered with Stafford students holding whirling pinwheels up in the sky. It was quite a site to see! The students made the beautiful and brightly colored pinwheels themselves and were excited to be part of the International Day of Peace project.

Kristie Holley lives a childhood dream

Image: Kristie Holley — Kristie Holley is Stafford Elementary’s new sixth grade teacher.

From the time Kristie Holley was a little girl she always wanted to be a school teacher. Kristie said, “When I was a little girl I would line up my dolls and play school. I always wanted to be a teacher.” Now Kristie is living that childhood dream at Stafford Elementary as their new sixth grade teacher.