Stafford Elementary plans 9/11 Remembrance Service


Stafford Elementary principal, Jason Miller, is requesting the community attend “We Remember…9/11.” This solemn service will be held at the flag pole on Stafford Elementary’s front lawn on Monday, September 12 at 8:46am.  The Stafford students will recite the pledges and recognize a moment of silence as a sign of unity at the flag pole. They are asking that everyone wear the colors Red, White, or Blue.

Stafford Elementary Meet the Teacher Night

Image: Long line of excited students and parents ready to me the teachers at Stafford Elementary.

The sidewalk leading up to the doorway at Stafford Elementary was lined up with students and parents ready to meet the teachers during last Thursday’s “Meet the Teach Night.” Students, teachers and parents are ready for the new school year to begin and of course that begins with meeting the teachers.

Italy ISD Registration Information for New and Returning Students

Registration dates for Italy ISD have been set for the week of August 8, 2011. These registration dates pertain to new students for both Stafford Elementary and the Italy High/Junior High School and will then conclude with registration for existing Italy High/Junior High School students. All new student registration will take place at the Italy High School Campus, 300 College Street. Please read over the following information carefully to ensure what date your student needs to register.

Wyatt Ballard meets the challenges of Autism

Image: Wyatt and Kelly Ballard posing for their picture.

Wyatt Ballard is just a cute kid, just by looking at him you would not know what challenges he faces. Wyatt is autistic. With lots of love, patience, hard work by his parents and teachers he is thriving. He is now ten years old and is going into the fourth grade.

Field Day at Stafford Elementary

Image: Ramona Simon ready to have fun with the students all decked out in her Rodeo Clown get up.

Friday of last week was Field Day at Stafford Elementary. Everywhere you looked out on the field there were smiling faces, students running and jumping and playing games. Teachers were cheering them on and helpers were handing out the gear they needed to participate in various games and obstacles courses.

Lions and Tigers and Bears and a Crocodile-Oh My

Image: Here come the animals.

As you walked into the cafeteria at Stafford Elementary you would have been scared if you didn’t know that all those wild animals were just our cute first graders putting on their annual “Deep in the Jungle” program. Everywhere you looked you were surrounded by lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, cheetahs, crocodiles and even elephants.

This is where my heart is

Image: Beverly Cox — Beverly loves her job and her students.

Beverly Cox went to Baylor University and graduated with a degree in interior design. She did her internship and decided interior design was not for her. She tried working with her Dad in his brokerage business and was still not satisfied. Then she decided to get her teaching certificate in alternative education and now knows this is where her heart is. She now is the CBI (community based instruction) teacher at Stafford Elementary.

Fifth Six Weeks P.A.W.S. Assembly

Image: Most A.R. Points — These students had the most reading points and received a scholastic reading award.

Can you believe it? It is already the fifth six weeks of school. One more six weeks before school is out for the summer. But the students have stepped up their pace and once again did themselves proud with their good grades and over all accomplishments.

Grandparents love to read too!

Image: Iva Mauldin — Iva Mauldin is the grandmother of Garrett Everett. She read the book Peter Cottontail’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Mrs. Morgan’s first grade class came up with an idea to get grandparents more involved in school with their grandchildren. Kids just love to have their grandparents come to school. Usually they only get to visit grandchildren in school on Grandparent’s Day.

“Tigers” for the month of March

Image: “Tigers” of the Month

The “Tiger of the Month” award is an incentive for students to learn and be the best they can be. Each month a student is chosen from each grade (pre-k thru 6th) and honored with the award. Pictures of the “Tigers of the Month” are displayed on the bulletin board down the the sixth grade hallway.

Title I Math and Reading parent meeting scheduled

Stafford Elementary has scheduled a Title I Math and Reading meeting for Tuesday, March 8, 6:30 pm in the Stafford Elementary library. The meeting will be an information sharing session on ways to help your child at home. There will also be an opportunity for parents to share their questions and concerns.

April Mathers Teacher with Heart

Image: April Mathers — Wouldn’t you like to be greeted every morning with this smiling face?  This is how April’s third graders get to start their day.

Tammy Wallis (Stafford Principal) wanted to come up with a way for teachers to be recognized for their outstanding teaching skills and hard work they put in everyday. Thus, the Teacher’s Heart Award. This award is awarded every six weeks. This time the award went to third grade teacher April Mathers.

100th day of school celebration

Image: Hold them up high — The students proudly displayed their balloons.

Monday was the one-hundredth day of school for the students at Stafford Elementary. To celebrate this event the pre-k, kindergarten and first grade classes came together and enjoyed some activities using the number one-hundred.

Sara Muetzenberg Title One Math Teacher

Image: Sara Muetzenberg — Sara finds teaching Title One Math challenging and rewarding.

What does it take to be a good teacher? Patience, love of children, good education, the ability to teach what you know, would probably be some of the qualities you would look for. These qualities are just what Stafford Elementary’s new Title One Math teacher, Sara Muetzenberg has going for her.

Peri Patterson – Teacher with Heart

Image: Peri Patterson — Peri Patterson is well respected by her peers. To prove it she was awarded the “Teacher with Heart” award.

Peri Patterson has been teaching for about thirty years. She loves what she does and loves to help teach and nurture as many students as she can. She has been teaching at Stafford Elementary for approximately twenty five years, she has taught kindergarten and now teaches third grade and just loves Stafford Elementary. She was chosen for the “Teacher with Heart” award for the second six weeks of school.

“How bout them Tigers?”

Image: Honored Students — Congratulations Stafford’s Tiger of the Month!

What better way to encourage students to strive harder than giving them incentives such as “Tiger of the Month?” Who doesn’t want to go down the hall and see their picture up on the wall letting everyone know, “job well done?”. Well, that is what is happening at Stafford Elementary.

Red Ribbon Week at Stafford Elementary

Image: Don’t Do Drugs — These students are pledging not to do drugs and sealing their pledge with their hand print.

Red Ribbon Week, (October 25th – 29th) is celebrated each year at Stafford Elementary teaching the students about drugs. The students make a pledge to not ever do drugs and seal it with their hand print. Along with learning about drugs every day during Red Ribbon Week is filled with fun.

Bus evacuation drills at Stafford Elementary

Image: Stay seated at all times — Number one rule on the bus is to stay in your seat.

In keeping with fire safety week, students at Stafford Elementary were also learning how to evacuate a bus in dangerous situations last week. School bus drivers had their busses lined up and were ready to share their important tips on how to evacuate the bus in an emergency.