Stafford Elementary’s Last Six Weeks Honor Assembly

Image: So Many Awards — Carolyn Maevers (principal) and Lisa Jacinto (secretary) handing out awards.

Carolyn Maevers’ voice is all I heard as I entered Stafford Elementary’s cafeteria Thursday morning. One name after another was being called as the students came up and accepted their awards. Everywhere you looked there were proud parents, grandparents, other family members and very proud students enjoying the last honor assembly of the school year.

Fifth Grade Science Projects Exhibition

Image: Jonathan McLean — Jonathan McLean has clipboard in hand and is ready to grade the science projects.

Thursday May 28th the Stafford Elementary cafeteria was filled with science projects completed by Mr. McLean’s fifth grade science class. The projects were on endangered species. Each student picked an endangered animal, researched it and then put pictures along with information about the animal on poster boards.

A Trip to the Post Office

Image: More Smiling Faces

The first graders have been working on their writing skills by writing letters to their friends or family members and learning how to address an envelope. To make it really fun for their students the first grade teachers decided to let them walk to the post office and mail their letters.

Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh No!

Image: Here Comes The Bear

I walked into the cafeteria May 14th at Stafford Elementary and for a moment I thought I was in the jungle. Everywhere I looked I saw, bears, tigers, lions, Tucans, alligators, monkeys and many more wild animals. But then I heard these “animals” singing! Whew, I was at the right place. The scary animals turned out to be Stafford Elementary first graders performing their annual play, “In the Jungle”.

Stafford students drop off card at Monolithic

Image: Signed and delivered — A Bruco sized “Thank You” card was presented to Monolithic from the GT students representing Stafford Elementary School.

Today at 2:00 p.m., the gifted and talented students from the Stafford Elementary School made a quick visit to the Monolithic headquarters. The students wanted to personally drop by and thank Monolithic, specifically Tessa South and Gary Clark, for having the kindergarten students over for games and fun times at the Monolithic campus last week during TAKS testing.

Play Day at Stafford Elementary

Image: Beach Ball Relay — Whoops! Someone dropped the ball!

Friday morning at 9:00 AM there was a lot of fun going on at Stafford Elementary. I am talking about the annual “Play Day” at Stafford Elementary. There were students, parents, teachers, and even brothers and sisters having a wonderful time.

Play Day at Monolithic

Image: Stafford Students Tour Bruco — These first graders were having fun learning about “Bruco”.

Stafford Elementary students in the Pre- K, Kindergarten and First grade were all invited to come have a day of fun at the Monolithic Domes. This took place last week to help the students keep busy while the higher grades took their TAKS test.

ESL Teacher Cheryl Allen

Image: Cheryl and a Student — Cheryl Allen with one of her students.

Cheryl Allen went to Manhattan Bible College in Manhattan KS studying to be a missionary. She never thought she would want to teach because she was so shy. Then an opportunity presented itself to her after her third year in Bible college.

Easter Fun at the Haights

Image: Easter Bunny at the Haights — Four happy kids with the Easter Bunny.

Wednesday, April 8th two school buses with lots of Stafford Elementary students pulled up to the Haight’s residence for a magnificent Easter Egg Hunt. Along with the Stafford students there were many parents that also came for this event.

Stafford Elementary Early Sign Ups

Image: Stafford Elementary — This is the place to get your children registered for school for the next year.

It is that time of year again. It is Round-Up time! Italy ISD will have early childhood, pre kindergarten and kindergarten round-up to enroll children who will be eligible for classes for the 2009 – 2010 school year. The roundup will be by appointment only.

Jonathan McLean loves his job

Image: Jonathan McLean — “I love working with the kids, they are a wonderful group of kids to work with. I fall in love with another group of kids each year. I’m lucky – I get to teach them for 2 years. I can’t see myself working anywhere else but here.”

Jonathan McLean knew at an early age that he wanted a teaching career. Science was his favorite subject in school so it made sense to him to teach it. He started his teaching career at Stafford Elementary teaching fifth and sixth grade science and has been teaching there for three years. “I can’t see myself working anywhere but here,” said McLean.

Italy Students have success at Junior High UIL competition

Image: 7th & 8th grade Junior High UIL Competition participants

Over forty 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from Stafford Elementary and Italy High School traveled to Wortham to participate in the A-plus Academic UIL meet on December 4 & 11. They participated as individuals and teams in events covering a wide variety of topics from math and science to speech and journalism.

Valentines for Meals on Wheels

Image: Stafford Elementary Second Graders — Stafford second graders made beautiful Valentines for the Meals on Wheels recipients in Italy.

Stafford second graders were really in the spirit of spreading love around for Valentines Day. Not only were the halls filled with beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations but they also had Valentines to hand out. The second graders all made beautiful Valentines for Meals on Wheels recipients in Italy.

Jump Rope for Heart

Image: Jumping with Heart — Students are raising money for the American Heart Association by jumping rope for as long as they can.

Wednesday, February 11th in the gymnasium at Stafford Elementary third grade through sixth grade students were found jumping rope. But this time they were not just jumping for fun. This time they were participating in the program, “Jump Rope for Heart.”

Stafford Elementary collecting “Pennies for Patients”

Image: Lots of Pennies — These pennies will help thousands of people fight blood cancers like leukemia, which causes more deaths among children and young adults than any other cancer.

Stafford Elementary is participating in the program “Pennies for Patients.” If you happen to go into the office at Stafford you will see a huge bottle with pennies inside. The students are really working hard on filling up the bottles. In various places in the school there are lots of jars just waiting for your pennies or spare change.

Reading is the ticket

Image: Read and Succeed — Students are all excited about earning a free Six Flag ticket.

Stafford Elementary is participating in the “Read to Succeed” program sponsored by Six Flags Theme Parks. This program is for students in kindergarten through sixth grade and is designed to encourage students to read.

The Morris Brothers

Image: The Morris Brothers

On Wednesday at 9:30 AM nothing but laughter could be heard coming out of the Stafford Elementary gymnasium. As I entered the gymnasium I saw what all the laughter was about. Two men dressed in mismatched striped socks, “high water” plaid pants, wearing taped glasses were the responsible parties.

Stafford Elementary honors the Veterans

Image: Honored Veterans — Veterans standing tall and being recognized.

The gymnasium at Stafford Elementary at 9:00AM on Tuesday was packed. It was packed with proud veterans, proud parents and proud grandchildren. Everyone was gathered there to honor the men and women that served our country in various branches of the military.

Fall Carnival fun

Image: Jump house fun — How high can Bailey Eubank jump?

Friday, October 31 was Halloween and Stafford Elementary did it up right for their students. Throughout the day the students were invited to play games, jump in a jump house and get their faces painted.