Jonathan Nash’s Last Day February 21st

Stafford Elementary principal, Jonathan Nash has submitted the following letter announcing his resignation to his students. He wanted to let the students know that he wishes the best for them and wrote this letter for them. His last day at Stafford will be Friday, February 21st.

First semester Honor Awards for Stafford

Image: Pre-K Star Students

Lots of fun and lots of awards to be had at Stafford Elementary’s first semester award assembly. Of course, as usual, the cafeteria was filled with proud grandparents, parents, friends and family. Everyone was there to see their loved one come up on stage and receive their award. There were very many names called and very many awards given.

Christmas Shopping at Stafford Elementary

Image: Here is a happy shopper!

Stafford PTO had their annual Christmas Store fundraiser last week. It was a wonderful way to raise money for the students and teach them about giving at the same time. Christmas time is all about giving and Stafford Elementary is all about teaching their students about giving.

Stafford Elementary celebrates Thanksgiving

Image: These pre-K students are really enjoying their dessert.

You have heard of Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly, well Stafford Elementary decked their halls with tables of food! As you went down several of the halls you saw lots of tables with green beans, chicken nuggets, fresh carrots, turkey, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese and so much more and we haven’t even mentioned all the tables overflowing with desserts.

Stafford students participate in Student Treasures Books

Image: This is a finished published book.

Sue Mendoza teaches special education at Stafford Elementary. Loving to write herself, Mendoza loves to have her students get excited about writing and what could be better than to have your own book published? So, she decided to make it a school project having the students write and illustrate their own books and get them published through Student Treasures Books.

Italy ISD recognizes U.S. Veterans

Image: Veterans Johnny Jones and Weldon Holley rise during the playing of service songs by the Gladiator Regiment Band.

The Italy Independent School District honored United States Veterans Monday morning with a community wide program. Students from elementary school through high school were involved in honoring the men and women who have served their country.

Flu shots available at Stafford Elementary

Italy ISD School Nurse, DeeDee Hamilton wants to inform the community that she has flu shots available for $20. Please call (972/483-6342) or come by the Stafford Elementary campus (301 Harris Street, Italy) between the hours of 8:00am and 3:00pm to get your flu shot. No appointment is necessary.

Red Ribbon Week celebrated at Stafford Elementary

Image: Brandon Ganske (P.E. teacher) and principal Jonathan Nash get into Red Ribbon week with all their “Camo.”

What fun the students of Stafford Elementary had last week celebrating Red Ribbon Week! Each day of the school week students were seen walking down the halls dressed in all red, as nerds, in camoflauge, in 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s garb and last but not least black and gold from head to toe!

Student Council President has his say

Image: Tanner Chambers (Student Council President) gives his speech over the loud speaker for all to hear.

Every morning, Principal Nash has selected students help him with the announcements to start out everyone’s day on a high note. Up beat music is playing softly in the background as the announcements are made to make students aware of the agenda for the day.

Stafford PTO selling Gladiator Spirit Ribbons


The Stafford PTO will be selling spirit ribbons for this weeks game against the Crossroads Bobcats. Ribbons will be sold for $.75. We will be selling ribbons at both the high school campus and at Stafford during Thursday and Friday lunches. For more info please contact Tessa South at 469.285.9854. Go Gladiators!

Italy Volunteer Fireman teach fire safety at Stafford Elementary

Image: Italy’s volunteer firemen getting ready to show the Stafford students the fire truck.

Last week was fire safety week at Stafford Elementary. Students were being taught fire safety tips in their classrooms and practicing fire drills. But nothing is as fun as having the Italy volunteer firemen come in their big red fire engine and teach students how to be safe in the event of a fire.

Stafford Principal Jonathan Nash plays King in Cinderella

Image: Stafford Elementary principal Jonathan Nash in full costume in his roll as the king in Cinderella

Not only does Jonathan Nash (Stafford Elementary principal) have a passion for kids, but he also has a passion for theater. He has performed in more than 20 productions. And now he is playing the part of King Maximillian Godfrey Ladislaus Leopold Sidney Frederick John in the Waxahachie Community Theatre’s production of Cinderella.

Italy Lions Club vision screening at Stafford Elementary

Image: Lions Club bus is where the kids go to get their glasses.

Friday morning the Italy Lions Club had a large vision bus parked at Stafford Elementary ready to supply students with glasses. This bus has an eye doctor, vision equipment, glasses and helpful Italy Lions Club members ready to make sure every student that needs glasses receives glasses. It is like an eye doctors office on wheels. Italy Lions Club has been doing this for five years now.

Large Limo spotted in front of Stafford Elementary

Image: Big, black limo parked in front of Stafford Elementary

When I pulled up to Stafford Elementary Thursday, I was very surprised to see a very large, shiny black limousine pulling up in front of the school! Shortly after the limo pulled up I saw many smiling students walking towards the limousine and the chauffeur helping them in. What was going on you might ask?

Italy ISD Parent Nomination for Gifted/Talented


Italy ISD offers services to gifted and talented students in a variety of formats. If your student is not currently identified as gifted and talented, and you believe that your child shows these tendencies, then you may nominate him/her for the screening process which is divided into three elements: standardized test of mental ability, teacher judgment based on observation and characteristics, and standardized achievement test scores (if available).

Kim Varner is up for the challenge

Image: Kim Varner is excited to be working at Stafford Elementary.

After working at the Italy high school for twenty some years in various positions, Kim Varner now works at Stafford Elementary as the secretary to the principal. She misses her “kids” at the high school but is excited about taking on this new challenge at the elementary.

Brandon Ganske joins Stafford Elementary’s team of teachers

Image: Brandon Ganske is the new P.E. teacher for Stafford Elementary.

Coming from a family of teachers, it is no wonder that Brandon Ganske decided to become a teacher too. His dad retired after 33 years of teaching physical education, his brother has also been teaching physical education for several years. So following in their footsteps, Brandon went straight from college right into the world of teaching as a physical education teacher and has joined the team of teachers at Stafford Elementary teaching physical education.