Italy Auto Sales – (972) 483-1922

Image: Italy Auto Sales is conveniently located near the intersection of Hwy 34 and Hwy 77 and specializes in selling pre-owned cars, SUVs. and trucks. Open Monday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Call: 972-483-1922 to get the wheels turning!

Italy Auto Sales, owned and operated by Ray Omar and Adam Aly since 2016, is conveniently located near the intersection of Hwy 34 and Hwy 77 and specializes in selling pre-owned cars, SUVs. and trucks. Open Monday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Call: 972-483-1922 to get the wheels turning!

Office Space Lease available in Italy


If you are need of a place to set up an office for you to have a business atmosphere and ample room to conduct your business, you are in luck. There is office space available at 177 Dome Park Place, Italy, Texas with easy access to I-35E.

Italy’s new medical provider


The Italy Community is very fortunate to be welcoming a new medical provider. KelMed Health and Wellness Clinic opened on September 19, 2016 at 204 E. Main in Italy. Eunice Asah is a Board Certified Nurse Practioner that will be treating patients in the clinic. Tia Cochran is from Italy and is the Medical Assistant.

BHB Feed Supply Grand Opening Saturday, April 9th


BHB Feed and Supply is having their Grand Opening on Saturday, April 9th, from 11am to 1 pm. There will be BBQ provided along with music, facepainting, vendor tables, drawings, and a bounce house. It will be a great time for family fun.

FirstLook may be Ellis County’s best kept secret

Image: Sharra Poteet, Clinic Director,  and Donna Young, CEO love the work they do at FirstLook.

FirstLook Pregnancy Clinic may be one of Ellis County’s “best kept secrets” because so many residents do not know the services that they offer are available. Since opening their doors in 1995, they have served over 28,000 people. Hopefully that number will continue to grow as the word spreads so that all residents will receive the help that is available.

Saying Goodbye to the Uptown Cafe

Image: The Uptown Cafe is closing on September 12, 2015. There will be a reception for Doris Mitchell that day at 2:00 p.m. at the cafe.

When Doris Mitchell started working for Oma’s Jiffy Burger in Waxahachie many years ago, she had no idea that she would be grilling burgers and feeding people for 32 more years. But that is exactly what happened. Doris is the owner of the Uptown Café in downtown Italy and will serve her customers for the last time on September 12, 2015. The building she rented has sold so she is closing her doors that day.

Wal-Mart Ribbon Cutting

Image: Mayor Hobbs cut the ribbon at Walmart’s opening ceremony

There was a lot of excitement at the opening of the new Walmart today. The new Walmart has a lot of your basic needs such as groceries and also a pharmacy which is really exciting for the citizens of Italy. I spoke to Mayor Hobbs and the store manager, Mr Salas. The Walmart donated money to the local police force and the Italy High School and the Stafford Elementary.

Mamma’s Place thanks you!!


The Martinez family, the owners of Mamma’s Place, wants to express their sincere thanks and appreciation to the Italy community and surrounding area. The response to the reopening of Momma’s Place has been more than they could have imagined. Phones are on, credit card machine is working—the original is back! Enjoy!

Get Jamin’ with Jamberry Nails

Image: Check out Stephanie’s nails as she is showing us Jamberry’s new moisturizing cream.

Having been born and raised in Dallas, Stephanie Penner is now enjoying life in our small town of Italy. Having only been living in Italy for four years now she is still in awe of the quiet country life, the lesser traffic and the slower pace.

Things Beautiful, Milford’s new antique shop

Image: This shop is so inviting.

This little shop in Milford is so inviting. When you walk in the door you go back in time. There is soft, beautiful music from the big band era softly playing and antiques that catch your eye and take your breath away. It is properly named, Things Beautiful.

Helm’s Grocery and Snow Cones comes to Milford

Image: Come on in and get your groceries and snow cones!

We all know Keith and Margaret Helms from Helm’s Garage in Italy, Texas. Well they didn’t just stop there! They now have a new store called Helm’s Grocery and Snow Cones. And, it is located in Milford, Texas. There are no bounds to their entrepreneurship!

The Rancher’s Daughter-Western Boutique in Milford

Image: The Ranchers Daughter Boutique is now open in Milford

This past Saturday was the grand opening to Milford’s new western boutique, ‘The Rancher’s Daughter. Elizabeth and Lance Finch were the first two customers for the grand opening. They were amazed at all the wonderful merchandise inside and said, “This place is so cute. I hope this will bring in new businesses for Milford. We hope it does well and new businesses will follow.”

Tri-County Appliance calls Italy home

Image: Pete Hinojosa, Nancy Galloway and Breyanna Beets asssist customers with all their air conditioning needs.

When Nancy Galloway was working as a legal secretary and would talk to out of state clients, they would be amazed when she told them she was from Italy. Then they would chuckle when she told them Italy, Texas that is. Nancy is thankful and proud to have been raised here and when the opportunity arose for her to move back, she did with a willing heart.

A new place to call home


When Christina Ward and her husband, Bryan, began to search for a new place to live, they had never heard of Italy. After looking in the northern part of Ellis County, their realtor told them she wanted to show them a house in Italy.

Ribbon Cutting at Taco Bell

Image: Here is Dennis Durrett (Taco Bell franchise owner)  getting ready to cut the ‘red ribbon.’

Wow! Who would have thought our little town of Italy would have a Taco Bell! Well, we have one and to make it official, the ‘red ribbon’ was ceremoniously cut Friday afternoon by Dennis Durrett the franchise owner of Taco Bell.

New Name New Owner

Image: Jean Sanders is the proud owner of Noma Industries, Inc.

Texel sewing factory has been operating in Italy for over fifty-four years. In the past it has been known as Joseph Manufacturing and Green Brothers and is now going by the name of Noma Industries, Inc.

Local Entrepreneurs make the Channel 10 News

Image: Patty Hernandez and Alice Compton will be on Channel 10 News (Waco) May 15th at 4:00 PM.

Patty Hernandez (Avalon) and Alice Compton (Italy), creators of Patty’s Perfect Pocket will be on Channel 10 News out of Waco. They will be interviewed about their cell phone pockets that attach to belt loops, and undergarments.

Community Transit Service available in Italy

Image: Lynn with CTS usually works in the office but was driving the bus today because they were short some drivers. Lynn hopes to serve lots of folks in Italy and surrounding towns.

Did you ever wish the trains still ran in Italy? You could just buy a ticket, put your car keys away and be transported to your doctors appointment or to a restaurant for a meal or go shopping and not have to drive. Well, the trains of course aren’t running here but there is a new service available for Italy, Milford and surrounding towns. It is the Community Transit Service out of Corsicana, Texas.

National Dome Tour October 15, 2011

Image: The 11th Annual National Dome Tour begins Saturday, October 15.  Everyone is invited to see residential Monolithic Domes, Bruco-the Italian Caterpillar, rentals, cabins and our office.  The tour begins 10am.

Have you ever had the desire to see what it is like inside a Monolithic Dome home? Well, now is your chance. Saturday, October 15 from 10am-4pm, Monolithic Constructors will have an Open House and you are invited.