Sports events, upcoming dates and times

Image: Get out and see the games!

Since spring break can cause us all to loose touch with sporting events around the community, here is a quick refresher which includes dates, times and locations. A list of current events can always be found in the Community Calendar located on the right side of the Italy Neotribune website.

Space Station Construction Visible in Backyard Telescopes

Image: International Space Station and Space Shuttle — These will be visible with backyard telescopes.

Today, March 17, at 8:12 p.m. both the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle will be visible with back yard telescopes here in Italy, Texas. There will be an approximate three minute widow of visibility. The approach will be from the North West moving towards the North-North East.

Many Activities In Texas For Spring Break

Are you thinking about Spring Break? Italy High School is out March 16-22 and the students will be out early on Friday. What activities have you come up with to entertain your family during the next week? Neotrib has come up with a few suggestions to get those creative juices flowing.

Yearling Horse Clinic

Due to inclement weather and a soggy arena, the Yearling Clinic at the Flying Dollar Ranch, which was originally scheduled for Saturday, March 14, has been rescheduled to Thursday, March 19, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Things To Do Around Texas

Image: D-Man & DJ — Dontavious Clemons and Diamond Rogers are members of the Italy Gladiator Varsity basketball team.  They will travel to Abilene to play for Regional semi-finals against Lindsay High School.

The weekend is coming and you might be thinking it is time to take a drive. Here are some possibilities of which direction you could choose to go.

Sports Car Club of America Rally

Image: Corvette — This bright orange Corvette participated in the rally.

Saturday, February 28th, there were many sports cars checking in at the Monolithic campus in Italy. The Monolithic Dome Cabin was the checkpoint for the cars in the Roads of Texas sports car rally.

A pretty sky for all to see

Tonight, February 27th if you take a little time to look up at the sky at about sunset you will be able to see a Moon-Venus conjunction. Now, this is not an unusual event but this conjunction will have some unique qualities.

Sports Car Rally at Monolithic

Image: Monolithic Constructors — This is the place to be to see all the sports cars.

Saturday, February 28, the “Roads of Texas” car rally will be making a stop at Monolithic Constructors in Italy. There will be approximately thirty cars driving up Dome Park Place using the Monolithic’s “Visitors Center” as a check point for the event. They will then be driving through Italy and out along Morgan Road.

The Great Cosmic Coincidence of February 24, 2009

What are the odds? On Tuesday, Feb. 24th, Saturn and Comet Lulin will converge in the constellation Leo only 2 degrees apart. At the same time, Comet Lulin will be making its closest approach to Earth—the comet at its best!— while four of Saturn’s moons transit the disk of the ringed planet in view of backyard telescopes. Oh, and the Moon will be New, providing dark skies for anyone who wishes to see the show.

Events in Texas

Traveling around Texas is educational and entertaining. Take a look at what you can do in the Lone Star State.

Texas events for the weekend

The weekend is almost and here. Valentine’s Day might be a reason to have some fun traveling. Do you want to know what’s happening around Texas? Just read on and you might find something you like.

Activities for you and your family

What would you like to do this weekend? Round and round we go. Ellis County and the surrounding cities in Texas have many things to choose from for the family outing. Just take a look at what we have to do.

Texas Events in January

Texas is always filled with different things to do. Just take a look and see what is happening in the coming week.

Activities in the state of Texas

Image: The Italy Gladiators — District play begins Jan 16 for the Italy boys basketball team.  They will travel and play against Dallas Gateway on Friday.

Are you wondering what to do with the family this weekend? Do we stay home or travel around this great state of ours? Here are some ideas for your approval…

New Year’s and more

Image: New Year’s Eve Ball — The New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square is brand new, as of Nov. 11, 2008.  The geodesic sphere weighs 11, 875lbs  and is covered in 2,668 Waterford Crystals.  It is capable of creating more than 16 million colors and billions of patterns-almost a kaleidoscope effect.

This week has an end and a beginning. 2009 is knocking at our door and you have to be ready to greet it. Grasp the new by the reins and ride into the horizon. Have you made plans yet for New Year’s Eve or the weekend? Here are a few ideas to begin the new year.

What would you like to do this weekend?

Image: Merry Christmas from the Neotrib staff — The Christmas tree is down and the last of the holiday remnants are leaving.  How about a trip?  Texas offers many activities for families and their guests.

The wrapping paper is put away, the sounds of carols are slowing down, the Christmas ham is in the fridge and you are thinking about traveling. That sounds like fun. Here are some ideas for you…

Italy’s Contest of Christmas Lights

Image: First Place Winner — Reida Adty’s house won first place in the Christmas lights contest.

Friday night the 12th of December, judges from Milford toured our neighborhoods judging the beautiful Christmas lights. Whose was the best? How can you pick just one house to win first prize?

UPDATE! Breakfast with Santa!

Image: Breakfast with Santa

The Lions Club Delivers! This Saturday, December 13th, the Italy Lions Club will host its 3rd Annul Breakfast with Santa. If you are unable to get out Saturday morning they will be happy to deliver to your door!

Selected events around Texas

There are still lots of activities around our area to fill your holiday time. If you just stay in Italy on Saturday your whole day will be busy. Is travel on your mind? That’s ok too. Just take a look at the different events and you can plan many family activities.

UPDATE!…Italy’s First Annual Christmas Festival and Parade

Image: Italy Christmas Festival Poster — Italy’s First Annual Christmas Festival will bring the community of Italy together to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Saturday, December 13th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM the city of Italy will have it’s first annual Christmas Festival and Christmas parade. Santa Claus, his elves and even Frosty the Snowman will be on hand. They have also just added more fun to this festival. They will have cash prizes and other great giveaways!

Plan your holidays with our calendar

Image: Bethlehem Revisited — Make your plans to see Bethlehem Revisited the first two weekends in December.  It is a treat for the whole family.

The holidays are here! There are so many activities that can fill your upcoming days and we list a few here for you. You and your family can have many opportunities to celebrate the upcoming season in style.

Are You Going Somewhere This Week?

Events are everywhere this week. Would you like to visit the theater? How about an orchestra? Check out the following activities to see something wonderful.

Adventures In Texas

There are many fun things to do in this great state of ours. Here are some ideas for this week.

Selected Events Around Texas

If you are out and about this weekend, you might want to travel a little and look at the different sights Texas has to offer. Just look at this…

Days in November

Image: Trevor could be yours — This is Trevor and he will be at Days in November at College Park Mall in Corsicana on Saturday. He is just one of many animals that will be there for adoption.

Saturday at College Park Mall in Corsicana, the city of Corsicana will be holding their “Days in November” annual arts and crafts show. Along with the craft show, Corsicana Animal Shelter will be there with many animals to be adopted from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be about six cats and 10 or more small dogs for adoption.

The Pre-Christmas Craft Fair is back

Image: Cute lawn snowmen — Lots of cute items like this will be for sale at the craft fair.

Where are you going on Saturday, November 8? I know where you could be going. You could be attending the Pre-Christmas craft fair at Waxahachie High School in Waxahachie, Texas.

Old traditional bonfire brought back

Image: Homecoming bonfire — The Senior class gathers together for reflection and fun at the Homecoming bonfire.

In the past, Italy High School was able to celebrate Homecoming with a bonfire. Then for many years, because of the burn ban or other inabilities to organize, the Seniors did not have one. This year, though not a school sponsored event, they have come full circle and achieved the bonfire once more!

The George E. Scott Memorial Scholarship dinner

Image: George E. Scott dinner — Enjoy a barbecue dinner and give back to future graduates of IHS.

In 1986, George E. Scott started a scholarship fund to help deserving Italy High School graduates with money to attend college. The George E. Scott Memorial Scholarship Committee continues that vision. They are hosting a barbecue dinner fundraiser Friday, October 24 in the High School Cafeteria from 5-7 p.m. for $6 per person. Bubba’s of Ennis will cater the dinner. Come share the spirit of Homecoming, the vision of George Scott and some great barbecue.

Yes, there will be a bonfire

If you were wondering about Italy Homecoming and if you were able to be a part of the hoopla, festivities and fun. The answer is yes. Here’s how…

Events around the state

Whether it’s Waxahachie or Waco, you can check this calendar for things to do around the state of Texas this weekend.

The Circus is coming to Italy

Image: Come to the Circus — Come to the circus and have family time.

What are you and your family doing on Tuesday, October 14? I know where you could be going — to the Circus! That’s right, the Circus will be here at the Italy Wayne Boze Chapel. The shows are at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Halloween Horse Show

Get your horse’s costume ready! The Flying Dollar Ranch in Italy, Texas, is hosting a Halloween Horse Show on Saturday, October 25, with events beginning at 9 a.m.

Out and about in the State of Texas this week

Your time is important and checking a lot of different resources to create your plans might waste some. Please feel free to check out our calendar to see what is happening around the State of Texas for this week.

Milford National Night Out

Image: Milford Night Out music — Singers from Mt. Moriah Church lead the singing.

Back in August of 1984, a community-police partnership was formed entitled National Night Out. The event still exists and is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch in the United States and Canada. The purpose of this program is to increase awareness of police programs in communities, such as town watch, drug prevention and other anti-crime efforts. At first communities held lights-on vigils, but now, communities host festivals, block parties or other events to help bring neighbors together.

Check out your weekend at a glance

Have you thought about doing something fun this weekend? Before you make your plans, look at the following schedule for things to do around the state of Texas.

Local fact or folklore?

Image: Jenny Linn Kilemol — Jenny Linn Kilemol lived in the warehouse with her family until that fateful night in 1972. It is rumored she has returned to reek havoc with the Italy community.

Most small towns all over the country are full of history and Italy is no exception. They have something else in common, too — folklore. Italy is rich with it. As all the old timers will tell you, Italy has had her share of strange tales throughout the years. The folklore seems to surface around the time of harvest or Halloween every year.

Are You Ready For The Weekend

Football? You bet! The Italy Gladiators are hosting Palmer at home on Friday night beginning at 7:30. This should be a great game. Go Gladiators!

Events happening around Texas

It looks like football weather has arrived. The Italy Gladiators are traveling to Chilton, Texas for a game time of 7:30 this Friday night. The Lady Gladiators also travel to Chilton for some volleyball action beginning at 5 p.m. on Friday. The Waxahachie Indians play West Mesquite at home beginning at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 5.